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Chaostle (ka'os'l) is a combination of the words Chaos and Castle. Chaostle is a three-dimensional castle fantasy board game. Each player selects their starting armies that they will use to battle against their enemies in an attempt to conquer the castle for their King or Queen. The armies consist of many different fantasy fighters with unique skills and weaknesses. These fighters are custom plastic miniatures in the form of fantasy characters such as wizards, dragons, unicorns, knights, archers, etc. The game has many levels of strategy that can be offset by a wide range of fates (both good and bad).


As wondrous and beautiful as they are deadly, these creatures of good are the embodiment of purity and virtue.
A unicorn on the battlefield is an awesome sight. It seems to radiate light and hope to everyone around it, inspiring warriors to new heights of valor, and can bring routed formations to pick their weapons back up and continue the fight. A charging herd of them is like nothing else on this world, their horns lowered like shimmering lances, riding in perfect synchrony. The thunder of their hooves can make even a frenzied Warlord decide to dive out of the way. Unicorns ride like lightning, strike like a tidal wave, and show no mercy to the minions of Chaos.

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Chaostle Board Game
Box includes the game board, 23 three-dimensional castle pieces, 16 custom plastic miniature characters, 16 battle cards with battle card pegs, 1 castle card, colored bases, dice, a card of happiness, a card of doom, reference sheets and instructions.

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"It's truly a cool-a** game."

"I really enjoyed yesterday's game. I think it was THE most exciting game I have ever played. It is uncommon in any other game to go from the depths of depression to heights of anticipation only to be dealt with some amazingly unforeseen twist of fate, and sent to the furthest and darkest corner of oblivion. Thanks again and congratulations on coming up with such an awesome game!"

"Totally awesome! I think we should play every month. The luck factor certainly adds huge entertainment value."

"I was horrified by the complexity at the beginning. This changed to interest and excitement as the game progressed."

"The variety and detail of play is amazing."

"It's a great game and it is very well balanced. I like the way everything can change on a moment's notice and the slight control that each player has in the amount of risk they take. The fighting was well thought out and moved quickly. I like how a single roll determines hit/miss, weapon and damage. That was a real slow down in D&D that you had to pick a weapon, see if you hit or miss and then determine damage all separately."

Chaostle Melee Expansion Release Date - 02/01/2013
Production of the Chaostle Melee expansion is complete, and the games are in transit to our warehouse! They will arrive on February 26, 2013. We are now accepting pre-orders in the 'Buy Now' section.

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