Chaostle offers a wide range of fantasy characters to strategically build your army. The game comes standard with sixteen of these custom sculpted plastic miniature characters. Each character has a battle card containing the character’s statistics, weapons, special skills and upgrades. Additional characters will be available and released in the future as add-ons to the game that will be sold separately. The first set of eight add-on characters will be available soon after the release of the game. Adding new characters to the game adds to the strategy and variety of game play. Characters are grouped into categories that indicate their general alliance. These categories are chaos, good, magic and neutral.

Terrible creatures of living stone, possessed by a fierce hatred of the humans who gave them shape.

Name: Obsidian Menod
Category: Chaos
Type: Gargoyle
Level: 2
Special Skills: Stone Statue, Swoop Drop, Terrify
Home: Tartarus Dark Forest

Description: In antiquity, these grotesque carvings were placed along buildings to ward off evil spirits and chaotic magic. Small wonder that the dark spirits take special delight in perverting these creatures, animating them and bending them to their will. A gargoyle’s eyes glow blood-red in combat, burning with dark fury. One gaze is often enough to paralyze an enemy with spine-gripping terror. Their stone bodies are their weapons and armor. Gargoyles fly down from their perch atop the Tower of Anhedonia, where they patiently wait to be summoned for the next bloodbath.

Massive, muscular creatures known for their savagery. Their diet consists of whatever they can catch: mainly Elves and humans.

Name: Dregs
Category: Chaos
Type: Ogre
Level: 3
Special Skills: Ground Smash, Predatory Stalking, Savage Instincts
Home: Elven Woods

Description: Few things in Zirconyx are as ugly and malformed as the Ogre. Often used as living battering rams, they are rumored to be as dumb as they are strong. And they are very, very strong. Always jealous of the beauty of others, an Ogre enjoys nothing more than mashing things into an unrecognizable red pulp. The Ogres were once claimed to be cannibals, but they have always denied this, most often with a club to the head.

Dragon Maiden:
The Dragon Maidens are a monastic order of women who strive to be one with nature. They enjoy a special rapport with Zirconyx’s mighty Dragons.

Name: Azalea Gordan
Category: Good
Type: Maiden
Level: 3
Special Skills: Dragon Protection, Magic Dragon Spit, Red Dragon Summons
Home: Grassy Plains

Description: Common as a rose blooming in the desert, the Dragon Maiden’s voice is her greatest weapon. With a song and a whisper, she can charm a Dragon to do her bidding, letting it ride on her arm like some strange fire-breathing falcon. Fortunately for Zirconyx, Dragon Maidens ply their unique trade in service to the forces of Good. They are the Kingdom’s first line of defense against the powerful Dragons, and command great respect from all the other Orders of Good.

The glibbest of the glib, a Prince is a smooth-talking diplomat born and bred. His aristocratic lineage affords him the best training and protection money can buy.

Name: Lord Edwin Barrington
Category: Good
Type: Prince
Level: 2
Special Skills: Diplomatic Influence, Leadership, Royal Treasury
Home: Kingdom of Zirconyx

Description: The Prince is a renowned courtier, the apple of the Kingdom’s eye. Never would he ride into battle without the finest watered steel in his hand. Trained for war since childhood, a Prince ranks among the most skilled fighters in Zirconyx. However, his diplomatic skill and charm allow him to fight with words as easily as weapons, and his power over the land’s ladies borders on the magical. To safeguard the Prince’s health, powerful counterspells must be placed upon his person, making the Prince highly resistant to many forms of magic.

The Enchantress is no ordinary spellslinger; she uses her magic to enhance her powers of seduction to a predatory art.

Name: Desiree Inamorata
Category: Magic
Type: Enchantress
Level: 3
Special Skills: Enchantment, Mesmer Eyes, Seductive Deception
Home: Grassy Plains

Description: If any Enchantress was ever ugly, she’s woven so much magic into her body that her every bend and curve approaches perfection. Enchantresses are legendary throughout Zirconyx as courtesans, entertainers and spies. It’s easy to forget how devious they are, always conniving to further their own hidden goals. Of course, if an Enchantress is ever exposed, she can make herself appear so innocent, harmless and vulnerable that men will rush to her defense. Regardless, she is well capable of defending herself.

A ghostly visitor from the spirit world, dark and secretive, and an emissary of the deadly fog Erebus.

Name: Murk Umbra
Category: Magic
Type: Ghoul
Level: 2
Special Skills: Astral Projection, Deceptive Decoy, Magnetic Field Shield
Home: Erebus

Description: Floating through the vast reaches of Erebus, the magical Ghouls keep a steadfast vigil in the mist, slaughtering anyone who ventures outside the Kingdom’s magical protection. As masters of shadow and trickery, Ghouls are powerful opponents, shielded from the touch of iron and steel by their evil magic. No one knows how they manage to enter and leave Erebus, or why. They guard the secret with their lives.

A hard fighter and protector of the weak, the Warrior is a patchwork master-at-arms.

Name: Vim Ardor
Category: Neutral
Type: Warrior
Level: 2
Special Skills: Battle Training, Defensive Shield Bash, Rescue Mission
Home: Grassy Plains

Description: Warriors are the guardsmen of the Grassy Plains. Even in its heyday, the Kingdom couldn’t protect every village and hamlet within its borders, but there were always brave men willing to take up arms in the defense of their families. They formed a sworn brotherhood to protect the plains from the Barbarian scourge. Though always short of money and equipment, they quickly learned the art of scrounging weapons and bits of armor off the bodies of their foes and comrades. Every once in a while, a brave band of Warriors will go out and reduce the Ogre population by a few heads.

Cavalry without the need for a rider, Centaurs make awesome lancers and spearmen, fast as a charging horse. They consider themselves the ultimate evolution of cavalry warfare.

Name: Olyn Kentaros
Category: Neutral
Type: Centaur
Level: 3
Special Skills: Energy Burst, Mounted Rider, Soaring Leap
Home: Grassy Plains

Description: On the plains, it’s not rare to hear a sudden thunderstorm on a clear blue sky. A passing herd of Centaurs makes a lot of noise at full gallop. Half-man and half-horse, fused together long ago in a magical accident, they have become a people of their own. While they’re prone to vanity, Centaurs are excellent warriors. They charge into an enemy formation, go through, and form up again for the next attack. Although a touch undisciplined, Centaurs are well-adapted to combat situations, and they’re often make alliances with the other peaceful inhabitants of the Grassy Plains.

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