Interview with Artist Britt Martin


Q: How long have you been an artist, and what got you started?

A: I’m one of those that have been drawing my entire life. Nothing specific got me started – it has always just been something I did. I started professionally around 1990 or so doing set designs and commercial break bumper graphics for local cable shows.

Q: Are there any other artists that inspired you?

A: There are a bunch of artists who inspire me. The first one was Frank Frazetta. But beyond his work, there’s Alphonse Mucha, John Waterhouse, Rembrandt, Gérôme, Herbert Draper. And Contemporary artists such as Brom, Greg Manchess, James Gurney, just to name a few of the MANY great artists around now…

Q: What is your favorite theme to draw?

A: Best I can answer that is to say ‘Dark’ – not so much value-wise, but in the mood, something just a touch creepy.

Q: What is your favorite illustration that you have ever created?

A: I honestly still enjoy the Choastle cover piece, I’ve been having fun working on a series of children’s book covers called Boy vs Beast, And I still like a small painting I did of Morticia Addams and her ‘pet’ Cleopatra’ – But the real answer is actually “the next one”.

Q: What techniques or styles do you use in creating your artwork?

A: My style is mostly realistic (I guess it could be called symbolism if it’s to be put into a category) – But techniques, whatever works to solve the problem.

Q: What supplies do you typically work with such as paints, pencils, watercolors, etc?

A: Digitally, it’s Photoshop, a wacom tablet and my Mac. Traditionally, it’s a huge list! and I’ll flip all over the place. I generally paint in Oils, with an occasional gouache piece.

Q: How do you approach creating an illustration from start to finish?

A: Although I’ll experiment and change up a process if it works, I generally start with a series of pencil sketches, once the final is locked down, I’ll either scan that into the computer or project it onto a canvas.
When painting digitally, I tend to work on one layer in photoshop (unless separating the elements is needed by the client), so I tend to paint in a traditional manner.

Q: What are some examples of artwork that you have done professionally?

A: I’ve done many pieces for game companies (AEG, Green Ronin, White Wolf…) from game card art on Legend of the 5 Rings, interior illustrations for RPG books. I’m currently doing cover illustrations for a series of books for Scholastic of Australia.

Q: You created the illustrations for the Chaostle game including the box cover, castle card, barbarian, and warlock. You also created the character illustrations for chapter 3 of Chaostle that will be a future release including the angel, medusa, illusionist, and titan. How does this compare to other projects that you have been involved with?

A: The box cover was, at that time, much more involved than a typical illustration, creating the layout of the entire box was unusual (but a fun challenge!)

Q: What other activities are you interested in besides illustrations?

A: Other activities? I’m not sure what you mean – IS there anything else???? 😉

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