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It’s truly a cool-a** game.

Great beat up on your friends game. Best game at Origins.

I just got back from Gen-Con, and as usual it was a great show. I did get to meet Mark and demo Chaostle, and although I am not the reviewing type, I can say that this game gets my best and brightest award. I will definitely be getting this when it comes out. To show how good this game is, we started at 7 and got right into game playing, before anyone knew it, it was well past 9. The game didn’t need to be so long but our group was a bit …ah…bloodthirsty, espically my pal the Centaur. In the end it was a very close game that came right down to the wire. I didn’t win, but I could’ve if I wasn’t so bad when rolling for fates. Maybe because everyone was chanting DOOM in a low monotone voice. Unfortunatly the castle pieces weren’t done yet, but the prototype showed just how big this game will be.

I found the game to be full of details that would come back to haunt you later! It was very challenging and encouraged the players to think creatively. I think it’s a game that you can play many times without getting tired of it. As I began to understand the characters and concepts better, the game became even more interesting as we continued to play. I really liked the concept of fate. It’s like life, no matter how you strategize there is always something completely unpredictable that will change your course irrevocably!

The variety and detail of play is amazing.

Absolutely love this! is it Power grid, Puerto Rico, or Agricola? No. But it doesn’t try to be. It’s THE perfect combination of Aggravation and Talisman. Though too long with 7-8 players, anything else will be wonderful fun with amazingly little amounts of downtime. A great beer and pretzels game. Highly recommended.

I really enjoyed yesterday’s game. I think it was THE most exciting game I have ever played. It is uncommon in any other game to go from the depths of depression to heights of anticipation only to be dealt with some amazingly unforeseen twist of fate, and sent to the furthest and darkest corner of oblivion. Thanks again and congratulations on coming up with such an awesome game!

I was horrified by the complexity at the beginning. This changed to interest and excitement as the game progressed.

Totally awesome! I think we should play every month. The luck factor certainly adds huge entertainment value.

Overall, I liked the game. I would probably buy it having played it once. The characters were cool with a good mix of qualities.

this game is pretty accessible to everyone i have had play it. basically talisman with sorry play as described elsewhere. the only issue is special powers can be a bit much when you have a lot of characters in play. this game is also very tweakable. i have run demos and have started leveling up all characters movment at the begining of the game to keep the game flowing fast so i could get more demos in during the same amount of time. you could do the same for ranges to amp up the battle during a game. another thing that crosses my mind is availability for variant play. the whole board is grided (not just the usable path) as such a 4 player free form battle set of rules seem totally possible, and with the many different characters it could possibly be a heavily used variant.

It’s a great game and it is very well balanced. I like the way everything can change on a moment’s notice and the slight control that each player has in the amount of risk they take. The fighting was well thought out and moved quickly. I like how a single roll determines hit/miss, weapon and damage. That was a real slow down in D&D that you had to pick a weapon, see if you hit or miss and then determine damage all separately.

This is one of the most fun games I’ve played. The components and miniature are top notch. You get a great bang for your buck. While there is a lot of dice rolling and random events, I think it all evens out in the end. There actually are strategies you can develop during play, and it just takes a little while to figure them out.

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